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Tamara Delon

Professor Tamara Delon is an instructor of music specializing in piano (Classical / Jazz / Pop) and voice (Musical Theatre / Pop / Jazz / Country / Rap). Tamara received her professional education in Europe. She worked at the Music & Drama State Theatre of Tbilisi, Georgia (Formerly part of Russia); which had both Broadway and Opera pzerformances. At the Music & Drama State Theatre of Tbilisi she played the accompaniment for the performers while also instructing them on their singing. At the same time she also began working with the world-renowned Ballet Master Vakhtang Chabukiani of Tbilisi Theatre of Opera and Ballet as his primary pianist. As a young student she won numerous competitions in piano.

Tamara came to the United States in 1996 and soon began working at the Verona Ballet School as a pianist playing the accompaniment for the dancers. Tamara then began teaching piano using her own method in Sussex County NJ, particularly at Biryukov Academy in Sparta, NJ. Tamara designed her unique program to ensure all of her students were proficient in sight reading, sight singing, solfege, dictation, harmonization, and improvisation. She went on to briefly open her own music school known as Talent Academy of Rockaway, yet due to damage caused by Hurricane Irene had to shut it down. Unwilling to give up her passion of teaching, Tamara began work at the Calderone School of Music in Springfield and East Hanover of New Jersey. On her days away from Calderone School Tamara continued to give private lessons, master classes to many pupils; some who even traveled from different states.

All of Tamara’s former voice students are capable of playing their own accompaniment as they sing. She has received innumerable thanks from parents, and her pupils have gone on to perform at various competitions and even in Carnegie Hall. She now happily teaches at Natalie’s School of Performing Arts.

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