Registration and Policy

Natalie’s School of Performing Arts offers private music lessons in singing (voice), piano, guitar, violin and trumpet. We also offer group classes in dance (hip hop, ballet, Georgian folk, Bollywood) and karate (Shotokan). We operate on a 4 week – 5 week class term (varies by the month). The curriculum is designed to give students a strong foundation for excellence in the performing arts. Our students develop a robust work ethic and high standards of conduct that serves them in all their future endeavors.

How to Register

Email us at or call and text us Natalie’s SOPA at (973)761-3760 to register over the phone.

Fee Structure

Private Lessons Fees

  • 30 minutes: $40
  • 45 minutes: $60
  • 60 minutes: $80

All new private music students must attend a 15 minute evaluation to assess their skill level.

The evaluation costs $25

All new private music students are also required to pay a one time $35 registration fee.

  • 30 minutes: $40 – 4 week class term- $160; 5 week class term- $200
  • 45 minutes: $60 – 4 week class term- $240; 5 week class term- $300
  • 60 minutes: $80 – 4 week class term- $320; 5 week class term- $400

Group Class Fees

  • 60 minutes: $35 – 4 week class term- $140; 5 week class term- $175

Excluding students that have just signed up, all lessons for the coming month must be paid for by the last day of the previous month. This serves as confirmation for the scheduled lesson and locks in a student’s time slot.

If lessons are not paid for by the last day of the previous month, a late fee will be applied to the cost of tuition after 5 days..

***Families are required to pay for a minimum of 4 lessons every month, no matter what. Those who break this rule risk expulsion from the school.***

*Families may opt out of taking a 5th week of lessons where their assigned lesson day falls in a month with 5 of those days. This will result in no penalty.*

**All checks must be made out to NATALIE’S SOPA**

Zelle Address:

Registration, Attendance, Cancellations, & Make-Ups


Registration is considered complete when student information as well as  payment for evaluation, lessons, and the registration fee has been received by Natalie’s SOPA. Only completed registrees qualify to start lessons and or classes at Natalie’s SOPA. 

All purchased lessons must be used by the end of the trimester. No credits or refunds will be provided after the trimester ends. All lessons and classes take place within Natalie’s SOPA building, there is no teaching in private homes unless over zoom.

How to Register 

Email us at or call and text Natalie’s SOPA at (973)761-3760 to schedule a visit / evaluation

Partnered Schools and Instructors

Private or group lessons given by instructors or organizations other than those contracted to give lessons under the Natalie’s SOPA company name are only leasing space from Natalie’s SOPA and are not covered by this policy.

Make-up Lessons and Classes

Private Lessons: Natalie’s SOPA instructors are happy to provide three make-up lessons over the course of the trimester,  provided that 24 hour notice is given either directly to the teacher or the Natalie’s SOPA office in the event that a student cannot attend. This is to ensure consistency in scheduling for our instructors, and that no outstanding lessons exist after the trimester ends; Natalie’s SOPA cannot credit lessons from one trimester to the next, all lessons must take place within the registered trimester. If proper 24 hour notice is not given the student forfeits their lesson and is not eligible for a refund. Proper notice will result in the student being eligible for a full in person or online zoom make-up lesson.

If a family is going away for vacation in which several lessons will be missed, 2 week notice must be given to be eligible for make ups.

Emergency Cancellations 

Last minute cancellations by instructors are rare, but if they occur students will be offered full in person make-ups.

Weather Cancellations 

All delays or closures due to inclement weather will be posted online on our Whatsapp group chat. You can also call the Natalie’s SOPA office at (201)259-9464 to find out more  information. Natalie’s SOPA does not make individual calls to students if and when the school is closed; please call or check the group chat to confirm Natalie’s SOPA winter weather closures. 

Instructors reserve the right to make an individual decision to cancel in person lessons or classes due to bad weather; should they do so, a make up may be scheduled.

Winter Break

Those who take off  time for any reason  must schedule make-up lessons in order to meet the required minimum of 4 lessons a month. Reducing payment by however many lessons one will be away is unacceptable and may result in expulsion from the school.

Tuition Payments

Natalie’s SOPA does not require families to pay for months of lessons in advance, however tuition payment amounts are determined by the Natalie’s SOPA administration by (How many of the Student’s assigned lesson days are in the month X  The appropriate Lesson Length Fee). Parents or adult students are not permitted to modify the payment amount because they wish to take off certain days, 4 lessons a month is the minimum to remain a student. A fifth week of lessons in a single month is, however, optional. Tuition must be paid in full by the last day of the month to reserve the teachers time for the following month, and if any absences are anticipated make-ups must be scheduled. Those who do not abide by this rule risk losing their preferred lesson slot to those who strictly follow this policy.

Withdrawals and Refunds 

Private Lessons: The school must be notified by the last lesson of the month if intending  to withdraw. If a student decides to withdraw prior to their last lesson, there will be no refunds.